A blanket that keeps

your baby safe.

Keeping the colour solid makes it easier to spot the "park garbage" that gets

blown onto your baby's blanket.

To demonstrate this point, we laid out "park garbage" - this included a broken

plastic spoon, a used band aid, bottle caps, discarded cigarette butts, straws and

twigs - on the 3 blankets shown above and took arial photographs from the same

distance. As you can see, the stripes on the competitor's blanket hides the

garbage while on our solid blankets the garbage is very apparent.


This blanket is 100% waterproof. It can be used right after it rains or hold it above

your head to keep you dry if you get stuck in a downpour.

This blanket is not just for the park, use it at parades, camping, at the beach...

the nature of the black fabric does not allow sand to work itself into the blanket.

It is generous in size, when opened it is over 23 sq. ft.

It is a light weight blanket, weighing only 1.6 lbs compared to the 3.5 lbs

of our competitors.

This blanket folds into a convenient little bag.

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folds into a bag

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