Reflective tape is used for visibility. It gets dark by 5 pm during the colder months of the year. It makes you more visible (to drivers) - strollers are pushed and therefore enter the intersection first.

The bungee cord system sewn into the back of the cover allows you to adjust the length and width of the cover, creating a customized fit.

The centre zipper opens up the blanket and makes it easier to get in and out.

Perfect for outings where you don’t want to deal with burdensome snow pants.

The boot zipper will definitely be an asset as your child grows. Unzip the bottom and wet boots can hang out, while the rest of your child is cosy and snug.

Feed stroller straps through the seat belt slats of the the baby parka™ stroller cover to secure aunit to your stroller. This cover works with a 5 point harness system.

baby parka™ stroller cover

Like our other winter products this baby parka™ stroller cover is made like a winter coat, it is triple layered and has a wind and water resistant exterior. The interlining has thermal qualities - we use a Canadian product called Powderfill™. The interior is an anti-pill fleece that will stand up to multiple washing.