Located along each sleeve of the coat, an open ended  zipper runs the full length.

When the zippers are closed the toddler coat is being worn as a coat and can used outdoors as a winter coat. 

When the zippers are open the coat turns into a poncho.

The front centre zipper of the coat allows for easy  removeable….some two year olds are able to unzip, take it off and use it as a blanket …while keeping their seat belt on the whole time.

Although this toddler coat was designed to keep the toddler safe in their car seat, we took it one step further and added reflective tape to the exterior of the coat for visibility. 

The toddler coat was designed to keep your toddler safe and warm in their toddler seat. Like an infant car seat, a toddler seat has the same concerns when being used in the winter. Coats and snowsuits put extra padding around the child and may compress in an accident or a sudden stop...causing the seat belt / harness system to be loose.

baby parka™ toddler coat

The toddler coat is constructed of a triple layer of fabrics. The exterior layer is wind and water resistant. The interlining has thermal qualities - we use a product called Powderfill™. The interior is an anti-pill fleece that will stand up to multiple washings.

(Our customers have reported using our parkas in -40 c/f windchill.)

When in the car, use the coat as a poncho and raise the back of poncho over the back of the car seat so the toddler is sitting directly on the seat.

Reach under the front of the poncho to buckle in the toddler. The straps should sit directly on the toddlers' shoulders and not on the poncho.