top 10 reasons

1     Does not interfere with the manufacturers seat

       belt system.

2     Snowsuits are just plain silly when it comes to

        babies. Instead of outfitting the baby we

        decided to dress the car seat...this is way

        easier. Car seats don’t fuss or cry.

3      We are proud that many new born babies have          

        left the hospital in an infant car seat dressed in

        a baby parka!

4     You are two zips and a buckle away from full

        access to your baby. Instead of spending a

        couple minutes dressing and undressing your

        baby - the baby parka has cut the time to

       seconds. Think about how much time you will

       save throughout the cold Canadian winter  


5     The transition from outside to inside with a

       sleeping baby is made simple...unzip and leave

       baby to sleep.

6      The baby parka covers the we all

       know - body heat is lost through an uncovered


7     Since the baby parka stays on the car seat

       (whether the baby is in the seat or not) you do

       not have to worry about storage or hanging it’s one less thing to think about!

8     You just feel smart using this baby parka -

       combination of function and design equal warm

       baby and happy grown up!

9     The cost of a baby parka is comparable to the

       price of a snowsuit...that’s about all the two

       have in common.

10   Spit ups and other baby accidents are easy to

       clean - simply wash your baby parka in cold

       water and dry on low heat.

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1     Two way hood... this baby parka works for both

       inward and outward facing babies.

2     Can’t drop it. The anchor straps and buckles

       secure unit to infant carrier.

3     Elastic drawstring and a cord stopper allow for a

       snug fit.

4     Cover the head...we lose a lot of body heat if we

       don’t cover up our melons.

5     Using the baby parka with your carrier makes

       using your carrier way better. You don’t have to

       struggle to shove your snowsuit clad baby into the

       carrier. Instead let the baby parka dress your infant     


6     Spit ups and other baby accidents are easy to

       clean - wash baby parka in cold water and dry on

        low heat.

7     Reflective tape - we know it gets dark really early

       in the winter.

8     Handsfree. When you use a baby parka for your

       infant carrier there is no more fiddling with

       blankets... leaving you handsfree. Parents who also

       have dogs find this helpful.

9     Depending on the stroller some clients have told us

       that this baby parka works on it.

10   Foot pouch. Keeps feet toasty and warm. Also

       catches kicked off shoes and socks.

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