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3 Essentials for taking your baby to the beach safely.

It can be a daunting task taking a baby to the beach. Both are notorious for requiring the schlepping of a lot of gear.You will still need all that baby and beach gear plus a few extras. Following are 3 essential things you need to ensure a safe trip to the beach with your baby.

1. Bring your own shade. This can be a beach tent or a simple umbrella. Don't count on getting that shady spot off to the side because when you get there some other mom will already be there and you won't like her because her baby has shade and yours doesn't. Be prepared, babies under 6 months can't wear sunscreen but even when they can, the shade makes it easier to keep cool.  

It is a good idea to know the symptoms of overheating, this is a good resource to check out:

and if you don't get the shady spot offer the mom looking for shade use of your umbrella – she will like you again.

2. Bring lots of liquid. This might sound obvious but even when you are already weighted down with gear make sure you bring extra. Remember to plan for you and baby.  If your baby is eating and drinking they will need extra water and if they are still nursing they still need more so you need more too.  Instead of using freezer packs to keep things cool try freezing half your water containers, they become drinkable as the day goes on.  Another lightweight substitution for freezer packs are  freezies. You can enjoy them or refreeze them for next time. Babies love playing with melting  freezies, this is also a good way to keep them cool.

3. Bring a large waterproof blanket.  This is important because beaches are full of sand and debris. Sand is a baby's enemy, it sticks to their hands and then gets rubbed into their mouth and eyes. Debris is usually a choking hazard and could be anything from a used bandaid to a seashell.  Using the large blanket means you don't need to hold your baby the entire time because you have a safe place to keep your baby away from the sand and debris.  Waterproof is important because the smooth surface allows messes to dry quickly and for sand and debris to easily roll off. The fabrication will also prevent sand and any other possible substances that might be found under the blanket from working through the weave. Look for solid colours over prints, it is much easier to spot debris blown onto the blanket.

Check this demonstration photo out:

New adventures are always full of mishaps. Make sure your first trip to the beach with your baby is a having these easy essentials.


wriiten by: Paula Ling


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