watch us on Dragon's Den and see if we made a deal

about us

Tai So and Paula Ling pitching the baby parka carrier coat on Dragons' Den

Who we are:
     As mothers of seven children between us we have run the gamut of baby products in our time. We are committed to only providing products that do what they are supposed to do and do it better than previous options or filling a gap where a product does not exist yet. We draw from our fashion backgrounds to provide sleek well-made products that are safe, and our parenting experience to save parents time and keep babies more comfortable.

The problem:
     As many have experienced before us and many will surely experience after us, keeping baby warm and safe in the winter was a challenge. After several attempts of trying to use a snowsuit on my newborn, I was finding it a struggle. By the time I got my babe in her suit and carrier, I was a sweaty mess - wrestling a snowsuit on a squirmy baby is a full body workout.

      While this was happening to me, just a few short blocks away, Paula (my now business partner and best mama friend) was having her own struggles. She was on the subway platform wearing her baby in a carrier and had a blanket tucked around him to keep him warm. She too had a squirmy baby and with one kick the blanket fell onto the subway tracks. It was late November and Paula found herself stuck in the subway with her baby and no way of keeping him warm, so she had to turn around and head home.

What we did about it:
      Later that day we talked and talked and talked some more. We were sitting around complaining that a practical product for the carrier did not exist and that someone should design a coat for the carrier that was warm and that would stay attached to the carrier. By the end of the conversation we decided that it was silly that we were complaining when we have the skills and resources to come up with such a product. A few weeks later, we had our first design of the baby parka carrier coat. This product has had a few tweaks over the years but now has been perfected. We are so confident in this product that we took it to Dragons’ Den…you’ll have to watch the episode to see if we got a deal.

      Over the years we developed other products that provide weather protection for babies and their gear, including infant and toddler car seats, strollers and carriers. The traditional snowsuit is an impractical design for infants. It renders harness systems in car seats unsafe and can also be dangerous combined with baby carriers. Our products replace the need for an infant snowsuit with safer and easier to use products that are more comfortable for babies. We strongly believe that winter outings with baby has become a lot safer and convenient with our baby parka products.

We are proud to be Canadian entrepreneurs and manufacturers.