top 10 reasons to use a baby parka stroller cover


  1. this stroller cover is one piece. There are no extension pieces to misplace!
  2. reflective tape is used to create visibiltiy. It gets dark early in the winter and strollers are pushed. This means your child enters the intersection before you do.
  3. boot zipper is for letting dirty boots hang out.
  4. zip up the bottom of the cover to keep feet toasty warm. There really is no need for socks.
  5. our covers work with a five point harness.
  6. there is a built in hood.
  7. there is a bungee system built into the cover that allows you to adjust the length and width to create a custom fit.
  8. when the child out grows their cover, the cover can still be used. Unzip the centre front, boot zipper and hood to use as a blanket
  9. this covers works for many years. It is quite generous in size.
  10. it is so cosy that many parents have requested a cover in their size. We are considering making a few.