top 10 reasons to use a baby parka toddler coat

  1. It is safe to use with the toddler car seat.
  2. when the sides are unzipped the coat turns into a poncho.
  3. many parents have reported that their little ones like the way the back of the coat flaps ( it feels like a cape ) when running.
  4. this is 1 coat with 2 styles and many functions. Zipped it's a tradional winter coat.
  5. reflective tape makes this coat more visible. It gets dark early in the colder months, more visibility means safety.
  6. our products are made proudly in Canada.
  7. this coat can be used for many seasons. When the toddler first wears the coat it will be knee lenght. They will out grow coat when it becomes waist length.
  8. centre zip makes it easy for a child to use.
  9. tripled layer fabric make it water resistant and super cosy warm.
  10. getting out of the house is way easier. You can drop the coat over the child and not have to worry about zippers or sleeves. Make sure the coat is unzipped on the sides.