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baby parka red car seat cover on car seat

car seat cover

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As a new parent/shopper, we know a lot of time is spent researching a product before it is purchased. For this reason, we decided to explain to you, why baby parka products cost more than our US competitors.

This award winning infant car seat cover has made traveling in the winter with baby safer and easier.

It goes on like a 'shower cap' over the top of the infant car seat - no extra bulk/padding has been added behind the baby. This car seat cover does not interfere with the harness system.

Check out our how-to -use video:

  • reflective tape: it gets dark earlier in the colder months, more visibility means more safety
  • safe design: the cover goes over entire seat and does not interfere with the harness system
  • buckle me label: a friendly reminder to those of us who are sleep deprived
  • fit: will work on all approved Canadian infant car seats
  • duo zippers: create a wide opening for easier access to your baby
  • face flap: designed to fall away from your baby's face
  • generous size: to accommodate a growing baby
  • cars heat up pretty fast: simple unzip to prevent overheating
  • moveable face hole: baby will always be able to see out of the cover
  • triple layered fabric: wind and water resistant microfibre outer layer, Powerderfill™ thermal interlining and an anti-pil fleece interior
  • care: machine wash cold and dry on low heat or air dry
  • customers reported: using our parkas in -40 c/f windchill, not that we recommend going out in that temperature
  • proudly made in Canada: where we know a thing or two about winter

Do not leave child unattended with product. We recommend consulting with a Car Passenger Seat Technician (CPST) to learn how to install your baby's car seat correctly. Check out the directory to find a CPST closest to you.