watch us on Dragon's Den and see if we made a deal

carrier coat

carrier coat

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As a new parent/shopper, we know a lot of time is spent researching a product before it is purchased. For this reason, we decided to explain to you, why baby parka products cost more than our US competitors.

We pitched our carrier coat on Dragons' Denwatch the episode to see if we got a deal.

    This award winning carrier coat makes getting out of the house with your little one a lot easier. It’s simple. Dress your baby in day clothes and put in carrier, wrap, mei tai or Ergo. Buckle on the carrier coat and off you go.

    Check out our how-to-use video:

    • two way hood: accommodates inward and outward facing babies
    • anchor straps: secure coat to the carrier, so you can't drop it and trip 
    • bungee cord: creates adjustability
    • foot pouch: keeps babys' feet toasty and covered - catches kicked off shoes and socks
    • reflective tape: it gets dark earlier in the colder months, more visibility means more safety
    • triple layered fabric: wind and water resistance microfibre outer layer, Powderfill™ thermal interlining and an anti-pil fleece interior
    • customers reported: using our parkas in -40 c/f windchill, not that we recommend going out in that temperature
    • care: machine wash cold and dry on low heat or air dry
    • proudly made in Canada: where we know a thing or two about winter

    For safety make sure to knot the excess side cords and check for overheating.