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Where are your products made?
Our products are manufactured in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

How do you clean the car seat cover?
We like to keep things simple so we made sure to choose fabrics that are machine wash and dry. All of our winter products are made with the same fabrics.

What temperature rating are your products?
We did not have our products officially tested (we found better things to do with our money). Instead we rely on real parents using our products in cold weather and reporting back to us. We're proud to say that some parents reported using our products in -40 c/f windchill and their little one was toasty warm.

Do you ship to the USA?
Yes, but you will be responsible for shipping cost.

Who do you ship with?
We ship with Canada Post and will provide a tracking number.

Does my baby need a coat when using the car seat cover?
Your baby does not need a coat when using the car seat cover - the cover is triple layered and made just like a winter coat. We do however recommend that if it's one of those days that you see yourself putting on a hoodie under your coat, do the same for your baby. Always check for overheating!!

What size child will the toddler coat/poncho fit up to?
This coat is can be used from newborn to 5 years plus. Newborns can be swaddled and carried to the seat and then the coat can lay on top like a blanket. When first worn the coat will be at thigh length, as the toddler grows the coat will end up at waist. 

What makes your products so warm?
Like a winter coat, the baby parka™ products are tripled layered. The exterior layer is a wind and water resistant microfibre. The interlining has thermal qualities - we use a product called Powderfill™. The interior is an anti-pill fleece that will stand up to multiple washings. 

Can I use the carrier coat if my baby faces in when I carry him?
Yes, our carrier coat has a two-way hood so you have the option of facing baby inward or outward. It was this feature that lead us to pitch on Dragons' Den.

Do I wear the carrier coat with the elastic over or under my own winter coat?
This is totally up to you. Try it both ways and figure which way works best for you.

When will my baby outgrow the carrier coat?
The cover is made for an average 2 year old. It measures 38" from the top of the hood to the bottom.

How long will it take to receive your product?
We ship the next day and will send you a tracking number.